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Local Accommodation

Local Accommodation
In fact, also the tourist resorts are establishments where housing services are provided against remuneration. However, to obtain the respective classification, shall be provided with a set of structures, equipment and additional services other than local accommodation.
So, to frame a bed space don't just check which inherent framework requirements. Will also have to fend off the possibility of conflict with the requirements of the tourist resorts, in particular, the ability and the mandatory minimum requirements relating to the conditions of installation of each typology.
The local accommodation establishments form part of the following modalities:
Housing: the establishment of local accommodation whose accommodation unit consists of an autonomous building, detached character.
Apartment: the establishment of local accommodation whose accommodation unit consists of a fraction of a building or part of building susceptible of use independent urban.
Hosting Establishments: the establishment of local accommodation whose housing units are composed of rooms. These, in some cases, may use the name of hostel.
Hostel: Are the hosting establishments whose predominant housing unit is the bedroom, that is, a quarter consisting of a minimum number of four beds or 2 bunk beds for beds (4 people). Is considered prevalent whenever the number of users in a dormitory is higher than the number of users in a room.
Note: If the intention of the promoter to use the rooms of the House or apartment as units of accommodation (for the rent individually), and not their own house or apartment as a single unit of accommodation, the mode register will be to establishment of hosting.
The maximum capacity of the local accommodation establishments is 9 rooms and 30 users, with the exception of the hostel that have no capacity limit.
Note: In the case of apartment mode, each owner or holder of exploitation of local accommodation, you can explore by building more than nine units does not exceed 75% of the number of existing fractions or independent parts of the building. For this calculation of exploitation shall be considered registered apartments on behalf of the spouse, descendants and ascendants of the owner or holder of exploitation as well as the registered in the name of collective persons, where there is joint partners.
The count of the beds (fixed or convertible) and users in local accommodation establishments, particularly in the hostel with bunk beds, must be carried out as follows:
1 bed bed = 1 1 = singular user
1 double bed = 1 bed = 2 users
1 single bunk beds = 2 2 = users
1 double bunk beds 2 = 4 = users

The exploration of establishment of local accommodation corresponds to the exercise, by individual or collective, of the activity of providing accommodation services.
It is assumed there is exploitation and intermediation of establishment of local accommodation when a property or fraction:
-Be advertised, offered or object of intermediation, in any way, or entity, particularly in tourism and travel agencies or Internet sites, such as accommodation for tourists or as temporary housing;

-Being furnished and equipped, in this be offered to the general public, in addition to sleep, complementary services to accommodation, including cleaning or receiving, for periods of less than 30 days.


To explore a local accommodation is prior to registration that establishment through a mere communication conducted electronically in the entrepreneur's Desk | Citizen portal (one-stop shop and letrónico).

Held the mere advance notification, is assigned aregistration number of the establishment of local accommodation which must be used in advertising, merchandising and commercial documentation.
The document issued by the Single Email containing the registration number is a valid title of opening the establishment to the public.
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